Getting Started - Python and pip

Let us get started with Python and pip.

  • Python is a programming language. We can install Python from

  • Python contain certain functionality in the form of functions out of the box. However, over a period of time the open source community of Python have come up with libraries for the common and reusable functionality.

  • Those libraries can be installed using pip. It is nothing but Python’s package manager.

  • You can install, upgrade, uninstall, list the details of installed libraries using pip.

  • Here is one of the common practice we follow with respect to starting a new application using Python as programming language.

    • Make sure right version of Python is installed for your project/application.

    • Create virtual environment for your project.

    • Activate and install required libraries.

    • Develop the required functionality.

    • We can deactivate the virtual environment or activate other virtual environment if we have to switch over to another Python application.

python3 -m venv demo
source demo/bin/activate
pip install pandas


As part of the demo we have used CLI. However, in actual projects we typically use IDEs such as Pycharm.